'Kluivert tells us how bad is losing to Brazil', says Kuyt

Former Netherlands striker, currently Van Gaal's assistant was eliminated by Brazil in 98' semifinals in France

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Holanda e Argentina buscam uma vaga na grande final da Copa do Mundo
Holanda e Argentina buscam uma vaga na grande final da Copa do Mundo

The year of 1998 remains in Patrick Kluivert's memory, former Netherlands striker, currently  Louis Van Gaal's assistant in the Clockwork Orange. It was precisely in 90s last World Cup, in France, that the Dutches were eliminated by Brazil in semifinal's round losing, at that time, a chance to win the title.

The defeat was so impacting in his life that, 16 years later, Kluivert, who scored in 1-1 draw between Netherlands and Brazil, still comments about it. Said striker Dirk Kuyt.

"Kluivert told us about it (defeat to Brazil), We've talked with him several times. Beyond him, there are still many Dutch ex-players who are not comfortable with facts from the past." said Kuyt at the last Netherlands's press conference before the Third dispute with Brazil.

Without winning a world title, even after ten holdings at the World Cup, Netherlands hopes to leave a good impression in the farewell match of this Cup.

"It would be great to end up beating Brazil. We still wouldn't be fully satisfied because we wish the title. But as high-performance athletes have to think about victory. The third place gives us a better feeling than the fourth. This is what Kluivert has been repeating for us, "said Kuyt.

Translated by Henrique Bastos

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