"We couldn't avoid the humiliation", said Müller about 7-1

Forward denied that German group slowed down in second half and asserted that just wanted to play "the same serious football" even after the break

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Jorge Martinez / Fotoarena

If yesterday fullback Hummels insinuated that the Germans would supposedly have slowed down in second half, when the team already won 5-0, forward Müller tried to close any rumours of the kind. According to him, Germany only wanted to keep their serious standard and "couldn't avoid the humiliation". "With 5-0 we had a special situation and we didn't need to be excessively confident, we didn't have to avoid the humiliation, we just wanted to play serious football and not shine like stars and have tricks to show. There hasn't been anything among us", said the ace.

Still on the matter, the player minimized Neymar's absence and said that the Brazilian forward isn't to blame. He also lamented the player's injury on the previous phase. "It was sad. He can't be blamed for that. The foul wasn't right, but lesions are part of football, no one deserves to miss a semifinal for that. In 2010, I wasn't able to play too, but it was my fault", commented the German.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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