Neymar goes in defense of his fellows after the rout

Brazil N10 said Germany's rout was inexplicable and highlighted once again the quality of the players drafted by Felipão

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After five days away forward Neymar went back to Granja Comary. Out of the World Cup due to a spinal injury, the N10 was received by his fellow players and by the technical commission. Although he didn't participate in the game against Germany, the biggest disaster of the national football, Neymar wasn't afraid to face the journalists. Involved in emotioned tears and mourning for the fall at the semifinal, he protected his fellows.

The Seleção ace went to the press conferences room wearing a game jersey autographed by his colleagues and defended his friends. "They all deserve being here. If you (journalists) stop and make the draft again, 95 percent or even 99 percent would be the same players. It's not because of a defeat or the loss of a title that all players are bad. It's happened, it's unexplainable, there's nothing to be said".

Unexplainable was, indeed, Neymar's favourite word during the talk to the journalists. Asked about the reason of the German rout 7-1, the Brazilian N10 didn't know how to explain it and revealed that he himself already asked that to his fellows: what happened in Mineirão on 8th of July 2014 afternoon?

"When you have a blank on the field, you must hope that things become clear again soon. And there is no explanation for that, I didn't come here to explain what happened. I asked them, talked to them, no one can explain. If the guys who were on the field can't explain it, who are we to try and explain something? All we got is to mourn the defeat. No one wanted to lose, we all wanted the title, we worked really hard to win".

"Our team had the capacity to be a champion. We didn't deserve going through this, didn't deserve getting out that way. I don't cry because of the elimination, but for how it was. Our group didn't deserve that".

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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