Loyal to Felipão, Paulinho doesn't agree squad didn't have options

Centre-midfielder denied that the Brazilian squad watched the German saunter passively and impotently

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Paulinho foi a única novidade nesta manhã na Granja Comary
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Paulinho foi a única novidade nesta manhã na Granja Comary

Considered one of the Brazilian squad's pillars before the World Cup started, centre-midfielder Paulinho ended up losing space. His performances against Croatia and Mexico have been aim for criticism. In the interval of the victory 4-1 over Cameroon, the decisive moment. The former Corinthians player went to replacement bench and gave place to Fernandinho. The player's status was kept this way until little before the duel against Germany, for the World Cup semifinal.

A lot has been questioned about possibly getting him in the start lineup, which needed a better organization in midfield and a qualified space gaining. But Paulinho hasn't been the one Felipão chose.

In less than 30 minutes, the Brazilian squad got devoured by the Germans, who closed the match with an amazing score of 7-1. Paulinho entered the field at the second half of the massacre, but wasn't able to avoid goals pouring in Mineirão. As soon as the game ended, the centre-midfielder was questioned about the Brazilian tactical formation and avoided friction with Luiz Felipe Scolari's opinion.

"I think this doesn't justify anything, no matter which professor Felipão thought was the best draft, it's not up to me say anything about it. What he has thought was decided, and it's really up to him to make decisions. I got into the field at the second half, tried to do what he asked me to, but with that scores, it was really hard reversing the game or doing something", said the player, who told the press of being informed about his permanence on the replacement bench only at the draft for the match.

"It's not me, it wouldn't have been any other (player who would change the situation). Felipão took the decision he was supposed to have taken. All those who have trained think they are going to play. I only got to know I wouldn't play at the draft for the match", he said.

Paulinho also denied that the Brazilian squad passively and impotently watched the Germans strolling on the field. The goals, that happened really quickly, ended up mining the hopes of fighting their way back.

"Just as they have moved, so we had the capacity to make equal moving. In second half, we showed a bit of this, but as I said, it was too late to turn the scores upside down", said Paulinho.

Clearly irritated with the questions, Paulinho denied the team didn't have the famous "plan B" or "plan C". According to the centre-midfielder, everyone should take their share of blame for Mineirão's disaster.

"Nothing of that lacked, in the defeat, many things will show up to be the the reason for that. Felipão had many options, had many other schemes. Felipão is not the one to blame, nor a specific player is, nor the tactical scheme - all of us are to blame. We need to make ourselves accountable for that and that's it", he concluded.

Translated by Raquel Sodré  

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