Super newspaper's cover gets the spotlights in American television

Pun with the words "hexa" and "vexame", in Portuguese, was shown by traditional NBC

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The pun with the words "vexame" (shame) and "hexa" (six-time), "VHEXAme", printed on Super Notícia newspaper cover of this Wednesday, has gotten the spotlights of international press. The traditional North-American channel NBC has shown Super's cover on their website and on their Twitter.

In the article, the vehicle presents Brazilian newspapers covers the day after the shameful rout 7-1 for Germany, and Super Notícia has been a centrepiece.

Besides the pun, the cover shows a man dressed in the Brazilian squad jersey and with his face covered by a paper bag, ashamed of the big rout. The cover idea came from Super's editor, Rogério Maurício, and the art is signed by the newspaper cartoonish, Duke.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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