Two South-Americans don't go toghether on the semifinals since the 70'

In 1978 Cup, in Argentina, there wasn't a direct semifinal dispute; latines have been present in all Cups in the continent

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Salvador (BA) Brazil and Argentina are in a World Cup semifinal, something didn't happen with two South-American squads at the same time since 1970. In the occasion, Brazil and Uruguay got to the semifinals.

In 1978, Argentina and Brazil got among the four first places, but there wasn't a direct dispute in this phase. In 2014, Brazil will face Germany on a semifinal and Argentina facess off Holland in the other game of the phase.

In every world championship held in South America , two teams of the continent have always been among the four first places: Uruguay and Argentina in 1930; Uruguay and Brazil in 1950; Brazil and Chile in 1962 and Argentina and Brazil in 1978 - pair that we see repeated in 2014.

Also, in every edition, the champion has always been a South-American.

Translated by Raquel Sodré  

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