Warlike, Brazil beats Colombia and guarantees place in semifinals

After opening the scores 2-0, Felipão's team suffered a goal in the end and had to hold on to avoid desastre

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David Luiz comemora o segundo gol contra a Colômbia
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David Luiz comemora o segundo gol contra a Colômbia

Fortaleza (CE). The shouts of "the champion is back" coming from the Brazilian supporters even before the confrontation against Colombia started, showed not only a general desire of every Brazilian who supports the national squad, but also the will of seeing back a football worth of these words.

And so it was done by Felipão's team on the game this Friday, in Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza. The vibe, which was also seen at the match against Chile, repeated itself this Friday (4) and has been up high most part of the game.

But, besides that, what was necessary was a presentation worth of a team that is five times world champion - which hadn't appeared yet in this championship.

The victory 2-1 guarantees Brazil's place in the semifinals against strong Germany, but without the presence of the author of the first goal and squad champion, who got his third yellow card.

Thiago Silva's shout after the goal, on minute 7, saying "here is Brazil", showed that the country with biggest football tradition in the whole world will get all in for the decisive phase of the World Cup. The fullback's vibe denounced an excess of determination that may make a difference on next steps.

Completing the great performance of the Brazilian pair of fullbacks, David Luiz was the responsible for a fine free kick goal, which won't be forgotten anytime soon. The Colombian goal came out of a penalty, with James Rodríguez, and increased the level of emotion during the final ten minutes of match.

Pressed adversary

Colombia felt suffocated with the scoring intensity and the lots of ground covered by the house owners and tried to take their chances with quick counter attacks. In two of them, which could be fatal, with more guest players than Brazilians in Julio Cesar's field, Oscar and Thiago Silva stopped the strike from bringing real goal danger to the green-and-yellow team, leaving no doubt that everyone shared the responsibility to defend and attack.

José Pékerman's team had difficulties in presenting again the attractive football of the previous matches. Unmerciful scoring over James Rodríguez and Cuadrado stopped Colombia from creating as much as in the four games previously disputed.

The aggressive game style of the Brazilian squad made "los cafeteros" go back home earlier, even after having gone down in history. The country had never gone into the quarter finals of a World Cup and they know they have done a great job before the elimination.

Showing maturity, Brazil knew how to hold and pass the ball when necessary, gaining breath and time to continue the confrontation.

In second half, the Brazilian rhythm showed a little fall, but nothing that could compromise the result built in the first half. Despite not having attacked as much as in the initial part, Felipão's squad was still well set in the match and fought for each ball, just as a World Cup requires. The fine goal made by David Luiz served to "close the gates" to the adversary.

Colombia insisted all right, but this Friday was just not James Rodríguez and his fellows day. With an inspiring spirit, the Brazilian squad goes to the semifinals with a confidence that still hadn't showed itself in the tournament. This attitude will be fundamental for the team to get, for the eighth time in history, into the big final of the biggest competition of the planet.


Brasil 2 x 1 Colombia

Reason: world Cup quarter finals Place: Castelão, Fortaleza (CE) Yellow Cards: Thiago Silva, Julio Cesar (BRA); Yepes, James Rodríguez (COL) Red Cards: - Public: Goals: Thiago Silva 7'; David Luiz 67'; James Rodríguez 78'

Brazil: Julio Cesar; Maicon, David Luiz, Thiago Silva and Marcelo; Fernandinho, Paulinho (Hernanes), Hulk (Ramires), Oscar and Neymar (Henrique); Fred. coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Colombia: Ospina; Zuñiga, Zapata, Yepes and Armero; Guarin, Sanchez, Cuadrado (Quintero), Ibarbo (Ramos) and James Rodríguez; Gutierrez (Bacca). Coach: José Pékerman.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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