Supporter who gets robbed may have ticket reprinted

In order to have the tickets reprinted or the entrance into the stadium authorized, the supporter must present their personal documents or the police report

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Minas Gerais Defensoria Pública (office of public defenders) obtained a preliminary injunction which obliges Fifa to reprint the tickets that get stolen, poached or damaged. The decision is valid for the World Cup's semifinal, next Tuesday, at Mineirão stadium. Until last match, there was a poster at Fifa's service station written in Portuguese, English and Spanish, warning that there wouldn't be reprinting of tickets, not even on presenting the "Boletim de Ocorrência" (police report). These warnings must also be taken off, according to the judicial decision.

In order to have the reprinting of the tickets or to be authorized to get into the stadium, the supporter must present their personal documents and the police report. In case Fifa doesn't fall the decision, they will be condemned to pay a R$ 10 thousand fine per ticket.

In the last game, O TEMPO's reporting team counted at least 20 supporters who got their tickets poached in Mineirão surroundings and couldn't be able to enter the stadium. There are no official data on thefts and robs. According to Fifa, the tickets weren't reprinted for "operational security" reasons.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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