Argentinians buy bus to follow their national squad in Brazil

Group of 11 supporters ran project "Riding World Championship" and spent around US$ 5,8 thousand on a 1994 vehicle

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In 2012, a group of 20 friends from the city of Paraná, in Argentina, had a dare, creative and non conventional idea during a barbecue party: buying a bus to follow their national squad during the World Cup in Brazil.

From all the 20 people, 11 decided to go on with the idea and, after having seen five vehicles, they spent around US$ 5,8 thousand on a 1994 bus - year that brings great memories to the Brazilians because of the fourth title, conquered in the United States.

This was the birth, on the re equipped bus with the help of local businessmen, the project "Riding World Championship".

The bus will only leave the country after the Cup, with or without Argentina in the finals. The group even got a sponsor: a beer brand.

"One thing we are proud of is that all the 11 friends who started the project are here", said Juan Alfieri, journalist, 32. "We shall go home after the final, but if Argentina wins, we will stay a week celebrating", added Lionel Ruggia, civil servant, 31.

According to the fellows, it was easier managing to buy a bus and storing food than finding tickets on Fifa's website. "We decided then seeing the other side of the championship, outside the stadium, with the rest of the supporters", explained Alfieri.

In the country since the 7th of June, the friends arrived this Thursday (03) in Brasilia, where they will watch Messi's team play against Belgium for the quarter finals. They are in a place reserved by the Federal District's administration to host up to 4.000 vehicles. Totally, around 30 thousand Argentinians must come to Brasilia. So far, however, the motorhomes place has more policemen, journalists and street sellers than Argentinian vehicles, that are no more than 15.


So far, the "Riding World Championship" only got tickets to the matches against Bosnia and Iran, but the 11 friends still hope managing tickets for the game in Brasilia. Plan B, of course, is going to the Fan Fest.

The mates already rode 6.000 km and must ride another 4.000 km until they get back to Argentina. They must consume around 3.000 litres of gas during the trip.

Their last stop will be in Rio. "I don't care about any other game, only the final against Brazil. It's a dream, a historical match", said Alfieri. "If we win over Brazil inside Brazil, Messi will be the greatest player in history. More than Maradona, more than Pelé, more than everybody", completed Ruggia.

They spend around R$ 10 (approx. US$ 4,5) a day each, but there was a day in which the cost was four times that much. The group has also spent around US$ 889 in food.

In their trip, the Argentinians new Brazilian roads more than many Brazilians. In so many days, of course, good and bad surprises come out. In Brasília, Goiânia and Rio, for example, they have been stopped by the police. They got shocked when they found out the police officers only wanted to take pictures. The bad side got to the supporters inside the stadium and the provocation.

"Brazilians on the streets are fantastic, are generous. But inside the stadium it's only about provocation. We are more creative in the stadia, but Brazilians shout more and always against Argentina. I never imagined seeing a whole stadium supporting Iran", explains Alfieri.

Translated by Raquel Sodré 

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