Talk shows up connection between Ronaldinho's brother and ticket mafia

Court has recorded a call between Assis and Mohamadou Lamine Fofana, accused of being the leader of the pack that negotiated tickets in the last four Cups

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Ronaldinho's brother and agent, Assis, may have connections to the mafia that negotiated tickets in the last four World cups. The man, pointed as the leader of the pack is the French Mohamadou Lamine Fofana, and he got arrested along with other ten people last Tuesday (01). On a story by newspaper "O Dia", a telephone wiretap shows the connection between both the businessmen.

"My friends called you. Didn't you have any more tickets?", asks the mid-forward of Atlético's brother. "Two of your friends called me and we had a little problem. He called and 15 days later he thought the ticket was the same. And I am no small dealer. (...) I got a VIP entrance. I have many VIPs. I don't have a category 3", answers the French.

According to the newspaper, the talk between the two men was recorded on June 17 and lasted around five minutes. The chat is quite relaxed and shows a good level of intimacy between them both. Assis tells the friend a proposal he's got for Ronaldinho, and Lamine asks him for a party.

Read below the excerpt of the talk that has been authorized by the Brazilian court:

Assis: My friends called you. Didn't you have any more tickets?

Lamine: Two of your friends called me and we had a little problem. He called me and 15 days later he thought the ticket was the same. And I am no small dealer.

Assis: [laughs] Of course! He asked me and I said: "Listen, I got a friend who has his own price, his own way... Talk to him, because me too I'm no dealer. [laughs]

Lamine: I have VIP`. I have many VIPs. I don't have a cathegory 3. (...) Where are you, in Rio?

Assis: No... Porto Alegre.

Lamine: And when are you coming to Rio?

Assis: Listen, I'm going to China tomorrow...

Lamine: (asks something like what they are going to do there)

Assis: Atlético Mineiro (Ronaldinho's current team) has four matches there.

Lamine: Oh

Assis: So, I'm off for work for 15 days, then I'm back by the beginning of July.


Lamine: (about a party on the 25th in a penthouse in Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio, to watch the match France vs. Ecuador)

Lamine: I invited the 1970 Brazilian Squad: Gerson, Rivelino, Paulo Cesar, Jairzinho...

Incomprehensible part. Lamine: I invited Carlos Mozer to watch Argentina vs. Bosnia.

Assis: Besides all that, they got excluded from the world championship, CBF (Brazilian Football Federation) doesn't care about them. (...)

Lamine: You are coming back on the 25th, right? When do you get here?

Assis: Are you staying there this month?

Lamine: Until the end of the World Cup. Until the 14th.

Assis: I have something under my aim. I have the possibility of sending my brother abroad. There's a chance of (incomprehensible audio) or something like Qatar with my friends over there. We want to cost at least 10 million a season.

Lamine: How much?

Assis: 10 million. I already know this year they will place a maximum of 10 million, 10 and a half. And there's also the transference.

Lamine: Let me talk to Kalifa Mohamed,of Qatar, and Mohamed of Dubai and I'll talk back to you.

Assis: Ok. I'll wait.

Brazilian police arrests ticket dealers who got US$ 89 million a match

A Brazilian Civil Police operation arrested, this Tuesday (01), nine people in Rio and two in San Paolo, under the accusation of ticket dealing practice, criminal association and money laundering activities. The group was envolved in schemes of World Cup matches tickets sales. The investigations have been conducted by the Brazilian Civil Police and had the Public Ministry and the Supporters' Court help. The tickets sold by the dealers were legit and given by Fifa to sponsors, players and ONGs. The investigation shows the group has gotten to move around R$ 1 million (approx. US$ 444 thousand) for each game of the championship in Brazil. Now in their fourth world championship, the pack may have gained up to R$ 200 million (approx. US$ 89 million), according to the police.

On this Monday (30) night, two North-Americans and one Italian were caught into act with around 200 tickets to the Cup, which were sold on websites. The group occupied an entire hotel floor in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Together with the trio, the police apprehended US$ 10 thousand, 160 euros and 750 Australian dollars.

Investigations show that at least three technical commissions of squads sidetracked World Cup tickets. Investigators said each commission passed on 50 tickets a match to the criminals. These tickets were sold at the illegal market for 1.000 euros each and resulted in a revenue of 50 thousand euros. Brazilian technical commission tickets have been found with the dealers.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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