Valcke praises the Cup, but worries about results manipulation

Fifa's general secretary has been liking the technical level of the matches, but recognizes that frauds exist even on a world championship

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Valcke quer eventos-teste no Itaquerão até o meio de maio
Valcke quer eventos-teste no Itaquerão até o meio de maio

Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Fifa's general secretary, Jérôme Valcke, once again praised the World Cup in Brazil this Tuesday (1). However, he also admitted that the entity has some impotence in fighting results manipulation in football.

The French, who had so many frictions with the Brazilian authorities during the preparation years for the championship and got to the point of saying that the country should get a "kick on the posterior" to enhence the makeovers, said the competition has been showing the best football ever and also celebrated the atmosphere that invaded the country.

On the other hand, he also demonstrated he is worried about suspicions that Cameroon manipulated the results at the championship and said that Fifa has no means to completely repress this kind of practice.

"This is something that exists and it's something we won't be able to eliminate 100 percent. This happens either on a higher as on a lower level. What we can do is control the illegal bets. We work with two companies that monitor this around the world, but it's a very difficult task fighting what is done under the hood", he said.

Defeated by Brazil, Croatia and Mexico in the championship's first phase, the Cameroonese squad has been investigated by their national federation, Fecafoot, under the suspicion of fraud.

The biggest suspicion is over the rout 4 to 0 to the Croatians in second round. The result eliminated the Camerooneses from the Cup one match before the last in first phase.

Accusations against Cameroon came from Wilson Raj Perumal, condemned frauder who foresaw the precise result and one player's expulsion in the first half of the match against the Croatians on a debate with the German magazine Der Spiegel. Indeed, Song, Barcelona's centre-midfielder, got sent off after elbowing Mario Manszukic on the back.

The game was also marked by an episode close to the end, when Benoit Assou-Ekotto headed the fellow player Benjamin Moukandjo.

"Recent accusations of fraud in three Cameroon games in the World Cup 2014, specially Cameroon vs. Croatia, as well as the existence of 'seven rotten apples' [in our national squad], don't reflect our principles and values, promoted by our administration", said the Fecafoot on an official report.

"We would like to inform the general public that, although Fifa still hasn't confirmed this issue, our administration already instructed the Ethics Committee to deeply investigate these accusations", added the federation.

"We are strongly compromised in using every possible means to solve this upsetting matter as soon as possible", completed Joseph Owona, temporary president of Fecafoot.

Besides the defeat for Croatia, Cameroon also lost for Mexico 1-0, on the 13th of June, in Natal, and for the Brazilian squad 4-1, in Brasilia, on the 23rd of June. The match against Brazil, as a matter of fact, had been classified by Fifa's security director, Ralf Mutschke, as of being of "major risk" of manipulation because the Camerooneses were already out of the championship.

Translated by Raquel Sodré 

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