Colombians are already in Fortaleza for the duels in the quarter final

James Rodriguez' team supporters celebrate team union for new victories

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The Colombian family, inhabitants of Cierrito Valle town, near Cali, was certainly one of the first Colombians to arrive in Fortaleza, stage for the match against Brazil, this Friday at 5 p. m. in Arena Castelão.

Expectations are that thousands of representatives of the country invade the capital of Ceara in the next few days. But Juan Mesa and his parents, beside his cousin Carlos Orozco, decided to get some days of rest before the game, which promises to be very demanding also from those at the bleechers.

"We got here on Sunday (29) and we are already enjoying the city, which is very beautiful. We must be sure Fortaleza is going to be all dressed in yellow", mentions Mesa, perhaps forgetting Felipão's team jerseys colour.

The energy they have shown, in few minutes of chat, makes it clear that the supporters' vibes is what pushes the team forward. Their national squad have players who have been under the spotlights in this world championship, such as Guardado, Armero and, of course, James Rodriguez.

"It's a very positive exchange. The team is united with the supporters and that's evident at each goal scored, the dances and the friendliness they show. We really believe in qualification", they guarantee. And they bet on 2-0, 2-1 scores and even taking the game to the penalties, so that the match gets dramatic.

Translated by Raquel Sodré  

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