Carioca who died after feeling ill in Mineirão was celebrating his bir

Retiree, who was also a samba writer, posted a photo holding the ticket to the game on social networks

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Na manhã de sábado, Jairo postou uma foto com o ingresso com a legenda
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Na manhã de sábado, Jairo postou uma foto com o ingresso com a legenda "Já no clima, a caminho do Mineirão"

Brazilian supporter Jairo Rueda de Oliveira Magalhães from Rio de Janeiro, who died last Saturday (28) after feeling ill while he watched the match Brazil vs. Chile in Mineirão, had gotten the ticket from one of his kids to celebrate his 69th birthday in the stadium. The man, according to information published by the Health State Secretary, was diabetic and hypertensive.

According to the organ, he looked for the medical assistance of the stadium before the penalties, having been assisted and forwarded to Life Center hospital, where he entered at 3:39 p. m. However, he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest around 5 p. m., didn't resist and died at the medical center.

There Saturday morning, Jairo posted on his Facebook page a photo where he held the ticket to the match. Below the photo, there were messages of family members and friends, greeting him and wishing him a healthy and happy life for his birthday.

João Marcello Rangel Barreto, man's nephew, was also at the stadium. "We were together at the stadium, celebrating his 69th birthday. Watching the game was exactly the gift given by my beloved cousin who was also at the stadium", he wrote on a post on the internet.

The publication exhults two of the retiree's two passions: Botafogo team and Portela samba school. "He was a great person, always happy, good father, super grandfather, great fellow of his friends and second dad to his nephews, loved his wife and family above all things... Botafogo and Portela supporter, Brazilian mad about football (...) The emotion ended up being too strong for him and his big heart didn't bear it, he got a call from God to take his joy up there", said the text posted by his nephew.

Jairo's 9 years old grandson also touched the family members with a text published on social media. "Yesterday, I thought my grandpa's death was all the World Cup's fault. It wasn't. The Cup made his death less painful, either for him and for us. It would have been really painful watching him on a wheelchair, barely able to speak, his whole body in pain. The Cup made him die, but at least he was happy, joyful. And he is certainly going to spread all his joy in Heaven", grieved the boy.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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