Mercado Central is must go to foreigners in Fortaleza

Place sells clothes, craftsmanship and food, and it all seems to draw the foreigners' attention

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Finlandeses marcam presença em tradicional mercado de Fortaleza
Finlandeses marcam presença em tradicional mercado de Fortaleza

The features of many of those who wonder by Fortaleza's Mercado Central (Central Market) makes a clear statement about the foreigners invasion into town. The differences between the aliens and the natives are big, starting by the language and getting down to the physical features and some reactions. The city prepares itself to host, on Friday (04), the duel between Brazil and Colombia, for the quarter finals of the World Cup.

Despite the few similarities, nothing blocks the understanding between Brazilians and the gringos*.

Norwegians Hilda Brandt and Helene Vollsgeter admired the clothes sold at the market, next to their husbands, when our reporting team approached them. They were reluctant in taking pictures, since the hot weather denounced their suffering in the capital of Ceará. "This is the third time I come to the town, but this time the temperatures are too high. Are you really sure you want a photo?", joked Hilda, drying her sweaty forehead.

The handmade dresses haven't been bought by them, who walked away bare handed. But they didn't spare praises. "They are really clothes for Brazil. This would be unthinkable for our country. There, we need layers on top of layers of clothes", she complained.

They came to a nine day trip to Brazil, visiting only Ceará capital, which seems to have appraised the European quartet. "The market here is very good, just as the beaches. It's hard choosing what is best", they admit.

After watching two World Cup games at Arena Castelão, they go back home this Monday (30), from where they will support Brazil on the TV.

Finnish leave with bags full

From a land not so far away from Norway, also have been to the market the Finnish friends Risto Pehkonen, Jarmo Kunta and Harri Rindell. Unlike the two couples interviewed before, these guys really spent some money to get some souvenirs for their families. They have preferred clothes, which must have a good acceptance when they reach the Old Continent.

After all, who's going to have something similar to the Brazilian lace dresses down there? "Prices here are really cheap. But the best of it all is the food. Picanha ao ponto (medium rare)!", said Kunta, showing off what he has learned in the country. Even under a strong sun heat, they didn't seem bothered. "We are resistant. It's just not every day that we have a weather like this", he confesses.

Taking advantage on the gringos' presence, orthopedic pillows seller Luciano Albuquerque tried to identify the gringos before shouting at the top of his lungs. "Flight pillow, flight pillow now, come here", he yelled (in these exact words, in English!).

Before the Cup, his product was publicized in portuguese. But due to the presence of so many foreigners from so many different nationalities, he insisted in learning english to try and increase his sales. "Acceptance has been good, thank God", he celebrates.

Right by the agitated market, the silence and the tranquility of the Municipal Cathedral seemed out of tune. Despite being a totally different ambient, the place also received the visits of gringos, who were all charmed by the imposingness of the altars and the church itself.

*"Gringo" is how Brazilians kindly call foreigners.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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