Hail Cesar!

In the penalty shootout, Julio Cesar becomes a giant and garantees Brazil's place in the next round. Brazilian team fluctuated during the match and decided against Chile in a penalty throws

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Julio Cesar foi muito bem e defendeu duas cobranças de pênalti
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Julio Cesar foi muito bem e defendeu duas cobranças de pênalti

Suffered, historic and exciting. Brazilian national squad has not made a bright start but counted on the sweat of  players and fans to beat Chile on Saturday being now qualified to the quarterfinals.

The victory came only in the penalty shootout after a persistent 1-1 draw in the four times.

The battle at Mineirão had memorable moments: a goal from David Luiz, who was almost cut out, and Julio Cesar's redemption - The goalkeeper made two great penalties saves ensuring the team in the next phase. Hail Caesar!

Brazilian's next challenge will be in Fortaleza, on July 4th, against Colombia, who beat Uruguay by 2-0 at Maracana, also on Saturday.

War, sweat and tears

Brazil started the game on top, not giving space for Chilean team. Up to 15 minutes, the match seamed to be set, with the canary's selection in a broad domain. The line of three red team defenders even tried but could not be imposed before the fast Brazilian attack.

Neymar, Hulk, Luiz Gustavo and Oscar were with great presence. However, for a change, Fred continued unnoticed - as it has been throughout the World.

It was at 18 minutes that the star of one of the most acclaimed players shone: David Luiz, who was close to running out of one of the most important games of his life, found space in Chilean defense and spiked a left leg goal.

Despite the first goal has given the yellow players some tranquility, another phase began to unfold after that.

Scolari's team's defense were many times inconsistent. After a side in Brazil's favor, Hulk made a bad return for Marcelo, and Vargas booted the ball putting Sánchez to draw after 32'.

The strength and determination of Brazilians were often confused with nervousness. Sometimes you could hear the crowd yelling at players warning of a possible ball lifter.

Tactically, Chilean's posture was just wait Brazil's plays to open a strong counterattack, with Sanchez and Vargas. Vidal ran the ball superbly in the middle, helping the strong marking of his team.

Neymar and other strikers barely touched the ball in the offensive sector. The brazilian's dynamics was based on direct launches, often without results.

At the beginning of the end step, Hulk even scored, but the referee ruled that he held the ball with his hands before shooting.

In a match where the air plays could set, Fred was replaced by Jo, who has tried to be a great ally in the attack.

However, before Scolari's changing, Julio Cesar gave one of the great defenses of the World Cup so far. Aranguiz took a first-time shot in a dazzling with Isla and Vidal.

With Fernandinho output and Ramires playing, the team improved. Good moves were plotted helped by  Chilean's fatigue and supporters's pressure, both increased at the end. Hulk and Neymar has also lost big chances.

Glorious end to a hero

In extra time, the mood remained nervous, but the Zenit-RUS's player still gave shows of lucidity, not enough to take the squad to the quarterfinals.

The tension before the shootout was all for Pinilla, who hit the crossbar in the last minute. That was the last gasp from Chile.

In fatal penalties, there were many heroes and villains. After two saves, and especially a lucky ball on to the post by Jara, left no doubt that the great Julio Cesar was the blessed one at Mineirão. The victory was a 3-2.


Brazil 1 (3) 1 x (2) Chile - Eighth-finals of the World Cup

Location: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte Attendance: 57,714 Referee: Howard Webb (ENG) Yellow cards: Hulk, Luiz Gustavo and Jo (BRA), Mena, Silva and Pinilla (CHI) Red Cards: - Goals: David Luiz at 18'; Alexis Sanchez 31', 1st half.

Penalty shootout: David Luiz, Marcelo and Neymar (BRA); Aránguiz and Diaz (CHI)

Brazil Julio Cesar; Daniel Alves, Thiago Silva, David Luiz and Marcelo; Luiz Gustavo, Fernandinho Ramires) and Oscar

(William); Hulk and Neymar; Fred (Joe)

Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari

Chile Bravo; Silva, Medel (Rojas) and Jara; Isla, Aránguiz, Diaz and Mena; Vidal (Pinilla); Alexis Sanchez and Vargas


Coach: Jorge Sampaoli

Translated by Henrique Bastos


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