New asphalt and other services only where the aces are going to pass

Venda Nova region dwellers ask that rest of the streets go under makeover

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Padrão Fifa. Em frente ao Sesc Venda Nova, asfalto novinho em folha, capina em dia e meio-fio pintado de branco
Padrão Fifa. Em frente ao Sesc Venda Nova, asfalto novinho em folha, capina em dia e meio-fio pintado de branco

José Félix Martins street, in front of Sesc Venda Nova entrance, is all ready: new asphalt, sidewalks painted white and impeccable cleanliness. This Thursday (25) night, Fifa informed that the Brazilian squad's practices would be transferred from Sesc Venda Nova to Independência Arena, but they backed off and confirmed Sesc as the workout spot.

However, the impeccable preparation of the block in Letícia neighbourhood - where Neymar and fellow players are going to pass - has generated dwellers' outrage, since they claim for makeover also in other parts of the neighbourhood. The street's renewal only goes to the curve that ends the block where Sesc is. From there on, sidewalks are back to concrete colour, weed grows in the corners, and asphalt has many cracks and irregularities.

"There have been so much complaint when they made this makeover, because down there the street has many holes", said the retiree Albertino Félix Nicácio, who lives right at the curve that divides the street into a part that may be good on the photos and the other one, forgotten by the municipal administration. "This is not right. They only enhanced a part of the street and it wasn't even the worst part. In this neighbourhood, there are plenty worse streets", said wall painter Milton de Moura, who is also a Sesc neighbour.

"They made the makeover in this part, but this is just a new outfit to show off", defines businessman William José Moreira, partner of Madeiras Santa Lúcia, right across the street of where the Brazilian squad will pass. According to him, normally the street is only swept once a week. But, in order to host the Brazilian squad, sweeping has become a daily practice.

No explanation

Sudecap, city hall organ responsible for streets makeovers, has been contacted by the reporting team of O TEMPO, but didn't inform what was the criteria to define the part that received the enhancement, neither how much the service cost. The organ also didn't answer if the new asphalt at Sesc's gates is related to the Brazilian squad workout, that is going to be held at the place.

Fans dream of seeing the aces

The last minute change of the Brazilian squad training site, cogitated by Fifa, almost frustrated people like Heliza Helena Gomes, owner of a beauty parlor almost across the street from Sesc. With her nails painted yellow and green and her braces' elastics in the same colours, she dreams of the remote chance of seeing Neymar and Hulk. "Last year (at the Confederations Cup), they came with the windows closed. But, if there is a way, I want to see them", she said.

Girls Marcela Zoglio, 11, and Júlia Caldeira, 8, want to see the idols too. They even planned making some posters to draw the players' attention. The strategy has been used by Júlia's mother, Carla Caldeira, at the Confederations Cup. "I made Fred a poster, which I keep until today. I really wanted to see the squad train", she declared.

Rules. Brazil is team A of the confrontation and, according to Fifa's rules, will practice in Sesc Venda Nova, while Chile, team B, goes on with their routine at Toca II. The places had been decided even before the classified teams were known. The Independência arena was free for Brazil to practice and the change to the place was even informed by Fifa, but it got cancelled in the end of this Thursday night.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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