Star irresponsibility damages Uruguay in World Cup

Suárez came from a great phase at the season, with 31 goals scored in 33 matches, and was Celeste's attack biggest hope

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If, in 2010, forward Suárez was considered a hero when he put his hands on the ball, stopping a goal from Ghana at the quarter finals, this time, another incommon act may have complicated once and for all Uruguay's participation in this World Cup. The player, who bit the Italian fullback Chiellini last Tuesday (24), was one of the biggest hopes for the Celeste attack - mainly if one considers his good goal average. Only in this season of the English Championship, he scored 31 goal - same number of Cristiano Ronaldo - in 33 matches, equivalent to an average of 0,93 goal a match.

As the hand on the ball purposely put in Africa, the bite would also have been intentional, and sends down the flush his participation at the dramatical campaign of the Celeste in this year's world championship. In two matches, Suárez, who didn't face Costa Rica, shook the nets two times. And, if he would keep on with this rhythm, he could score almost four goals in four games, in case the team got to the final. Considering nexts matches decisive character, any goal would be of great help to the south-americans, who will have to show the same quality on the field presented against Italy - only without the player.

Putting together the athlete's participation in the championships he disputed for Liverpool, Ajax, 2010 World Cup, Confederations Cup, Olympic Games and South-American Eliminatories, his average goes down a bit, but he gets to 0,56 goals a match (he has a total of 108 scores in 190 games in the last four years).

Now not one of the player's statistics will be worth anything, since he's been suspended for nine games in Fifa championships and took away from football for the next four months.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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