English make a list of best and worst things about Brazil

In general, the English are enjoying the competition and there is little to complain about

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The World Cup has finished earlier for the English with their national squad's precocious elimination. But they definitely don't want to go back home. And they won't. First, because many of them have already bought tickets for the decisive games. And second because they really liked Brazil.

Hosts of the last Olympic games, in 2012, the English hold know-how in organizing and participating in world events. Therefore, they may be considered a thermometer to evaluate the World Cup in Brazil.

Before the ball rolled over the field for Costa Rica and England, O TEMPO reporting team talked to English supporters, on an attempt of listing what they approve and what they disapprove in their stay in Brazil, considering moving around the town, companionship with the Brazilians and the experience at the stadiums.

Generally speaking, the English are enjoying the competition and there is little to complain about (see below the top five subjects more mentioned, positively and negatively). "The beaches, the people, everything has been good so far. We don't want to go back home", complained the British Paul Watts, followed by his wife, Susan.

Sun, warm weather, pretty women and partying hard are the Brazilian stereotypes which more please the British. Isolated situations, such as traffic jams, communication difficulties and doubts at the airports go into the aspects to be developed.

"We didn't have many problems. But there are lots of poor areas. People don't know very well how to speak English. But we should also try and speak some Portuguese. Everyone are very accessible and willing to help", highlights the English Francesca Gizzi who, together with her boyfriend, Max Heaton, has already been to Natal, Recife, Salvador and, now, Belo Horizonte.

Having a nice cold beer walking on the Fan Walk, friends Gary Bown and Nigel Rodgers observed Mineirão, another stadium visited at this Cup. They told they are charmed by the weather and the opportunity to know new cultures. "We have been to Manaus and took a ride into the Amazon forest. Amazing!", they said.

WHAT THEY LIKED Beer and typical dishes

Hospitality and kindness

Making new friends and the new culture

Beaches and the Amazon forest

Samba and partying

WHAT THEY DIDN'T LIKE Early elimination

Difficulties with the Brazilian language

Brazilian poverty

Airports and traffic


Translated by Raquel Sodré

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