Belo Horizonte citizens opt for other activities during Brazil match

Some of the capital's inhabitants took chance of the streets' tranquility at the time of the duel against Cameroon to take a walk

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Antonio da Rocha updated his workout during the match
Pedro Gontijo
Antonio da Rocha updated his workout during the match

While a great ratio of the city has stopped to watch the Brazilian squad third game, some people prefered to keep moving. During the match's first half, at José Cândido da Silveira avenue walking trek, many people worked out, unaware of the ball rolling onto Mané Garrincha's grounds, in Brasilia.

Neymar and his fellows' squad doesn't excite the driver Sidney Duarte, 56. Not a coincidence, he has chosen the company of Garrincha - his yorkshire - for a walk. Together with them was also labrador Scooby. The cheers coming from some supporters somewhere near denounced Brazil's first goal, making Sidney oscillate in his "don't care" attitude. "Was it a goal?", he asked, and then changed subjects: "I hope they win, but I don't really care. I haven't watched any of the games", he said.

Proud of his decision, businessman Simon Rocha, 42, agrees and declares that he doesn't watch a single national squad game since 2010. For him, it's almost a political matter. "I think it's a hypocrisys supporting players who, winning or not, are going out of the field millionaires. Do you think they are worried that people are watching and suffering? Of course not", he questioned. He said that he suffers with his relatives' comments, since they think he is not a patriot. "If Brazil would get into a war today, I'd be the first to sign in. This is patriotism for me. But wanting me to cheer for the squad is asking too much", he complained.

Married couple Maressa Paula Santos de Almeida, 29, and Marcos Túlio de Almeida Pereira, 32, benefitted from the fact that they had been dismissed from their jobs earlier because of the match to jog. Living near the walking trek, they exercise at the place at least three times a week. He likes football, but is not even a bit interested in this particular match. "Today is going to be a dull game", he bet, adding that the Camerooneses are not as devoted to the Cup as the other squads' players. "They have many problems among themselves. This match is going to be horrible". Maressa, on the other hand, is even less interested in the Cup and said she was happy the track was empty during the match. "I felt like running, even more because the weather is fresh. With less people around, I can perform better", she declared.

With his best blasé face - typical of adolescents - student Gabriel de Ávila didn't go to the track to exercise himself. He admits: went there to kill time. Not a bit interested in football, he said that, at his home, probably his mother, father and the brother would be cheering with the match. "I think they only watch it to have what to talk about with anyone when they run out of conversation topics. I even tried watching the game Brazil vs Mexico, but it was so uninteresting I got bored stiff. Today, I didn't even want to risk", he said.

More experienced, but equally disinterested in Brazil's performance on the field, retiree Antônio da Rocha, 57, kept a fast pace at the gym facilities installed at the track. Unaware of the game, today he followed his everyday routine: at 5 p.m. sharp, when the referee's whistle marked the beginning of the match, he went for his workout - and he liked it. "Today, there is at least six times less people than there usually is. It's much better this way", he said. About football, he isn't conclusive. "It's not that I hate it. It's just not at the top of my priorities", he declared.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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