Travel in time fascinates tourists in Ouro Preto

Churchs and museums take foreigners to the 18th century

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Compras. As suecas Moa Terjesdotter e Erica Mikaelsson se divertem adquirindo produtos artesanais em Ouro Preto
Compras. As suecas Moa Terjesdotter e Erica Mikaelsson se divertem adquirindo produtos artesanais em Ouro Preto

"It's like going back in time and walk through the 18th century. It is a magical city."That was the feeling aroused in Argentine Marcelo Rodriguez, 42, who came to support his team - playing on Saturday in Belo Horizonte. He extended the trip to see the historic Ouro Preto meeting the mansions and churches recognized by ONU as a  Cultural Heritagethe for the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Along with Rodriguez, thousands of other foreigners has chosen Ouro Preto as a destinations to be visited during the World Cup in Brazil.

With one of the largest collections of Baroque art in the world and Centennial buildings that witnessed the evolution of the main Brazilian town during the gold cycle, Ouro Preto arouses interest in tourists who love history.

The Swedish Terjesdotter Moa, 23, came to his first World Cup even without her selection in the dispute. She's got tickets to watch the game between Iran and Bosnia, in Salvador, next Wednesday, but rather wished to know the historical city. "Spectacular. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and an extremely warm people" she said, while shopping at the Handicraft Market.

For American Kelsy Adkins, 24, the churches gained more admiration. "I really had no idea that the city was so religious. There are many cathedrals and it's so cool to see how the Catholic Church was important to Brazilian historical formation," she said.

Even those who've already visited the city shouln't miss the opportunity to return. "There are many things to see and apprise in Ouro Preto. There're so much to know and so much history to learn that it is always good to be back. " said the Argentine Eduardo Villalba, 41.

Besides incredible assets, a tourist visiting Ouro Preto leaves the small town knowing better about being from there. The citizens have tipical characteristics of the rest of the state - a bit suspicious, but at the same time extremely cozy.

Long lines don't bother With an increase in demand from tourists wanting to visit Ouro Preto and just one company making the trip, it was

inevitable the formation of long queues at the bus station. Even with the increase in demand, there is no extra buses.

Excited to see the city, the time spent to purchase the ticket was not considered a problem for the Portuguese, Diana Guedes, 28. "What is important is to get the ticket, I have no problem spending time on the queue. Moreover, services in Brazil are very good. There developed countries facing much larger problems"assessed the tourist.

Without translation Despite the sign that points to the tourist information's balcony in the center of plaza Tiradentes being in Portuguese and English, who gets in it must cope to understand the local language. The only attendant available there didn't speak another language than Portuguese. However, there wasn't the same problem in other places, since local guides scattered around the square. Even not talking with the best pronunciation, communication with tourists worked well. At Inconfidência's Museum, one of the most important in the city, the foreign flow was intense, and tourists could count on signs in English and Portuguese.

Translated by Henrique Bastos  

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