After Chilean invasion, LOC denies drastic changes in security

Security chief points that supporter's early arrival and use of tickets for other matches are as some factors that allowed the entrance into restricted area

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Torcedores chilenos presos após confusão no Maracanã
Torcedores chilenos presos após confusão no Maracanã

After 150 chilean having invaded the press room in a restricted area at the Maracanã, FIFA convened on Thursday (19) a press conference to discuss World Cup's security. Amid attempts to explain the incident and praise the behavior of the guards in the operation, any measure was officially announced.

Besides that, FIFA, LOC (Local Organizing Committee) and the government scheduled promise, after an emergency meeting, that some action will be taken."But it will not be drastic measures. Operational issues only," said the head of security of the LOC, Hilario Medeiros.

There are three main issues that could be reviewed considering the security breach at Maracana. The first is about the onset timing of blockade around the stadium. Currently, supporters who don't have tickets are not allowed to stay around the arena four hours before the kickoff. On Wednesday, Maracana's surroundings were blocked around 12pm.

"We have information that many Chileans were able to pass through the lock using tickets from the past games. Others arrived too early, at 8am", added Medeiros.

There is also a discussion about the actual effectiveness of this blockade. Beyond using false tickets, some people had fake press credentials to get closer to Maracana.

" There are false credentials, and many supporters have tried to pass over the perimeter with tickets for other matches. We find out new facts all the time," said the marketing director of FIFA, Thierry Weil.

Finally, the biggest issue of all. The use of police force inside stadiums. The Federal Government keeps tracking FIFA to put more men for the  arena's security, but it doesn't appeal the authority, since it deems harmful to its image. Security inside the stadiums is responsibility of stewards, guards hired by COL who don't carry firearms and have no power of arrest. The police must take care of the outside area and stays on guard when a higher strength is required.

"Yesterday anything lacks. We Put 1,037 men on alert, since we knew it was a risk game." said Medeiros.

The Secretary Extraordinary of Security, Andrei Rodrigues, said that there are more than 3 thousand officers involved in Cup's operation just in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

On Wednesday, an hour before the 2-0 Chile's victory over Spain, approximately 150 South American supporters overthrew to tresspass the grid and get in Maracana. Military police and private security guards tried unsuccessfully to contain them. The group advanced to the press center, smashing windows and tearing down some fake walls.

Eighty-five of them were arrested. The others managed to access restricted areas of the stadium, climbing the stairs to the stands. According to the Civil Police, the 85 Chileans were sued by the Supporter's Statute for promoting riot, committing or inciting violence, and tresspassing restricted area in a sport event). Two Argentine citizens and an American were taken to the police station as witnesses. At 11pm, the Chileans were released and taken by the police to the headquarters of the Chilean Consulate in Rio.

The Ministry of Justice and the Federal Police reported that the detainees are going to be notified to leave the country "in a 72 hours maximum." If the notification doesn't comply, they'll problably be deported.

Translated by Henrique Bastos

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