Demand of exchange has grown 300% in the capital

Colombians, Argentines, Algerians move the market, and exchanging promisses go further on Friday

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Cash flow. Foreigners, in Belo Horizonte, going through exchange bureaus at the malls
Daniel Iglesias / O TEMPO
Cash flow. Foreigners, in Belo Horizonte, going through exchange bureaus at the malls
Foreigners have invaded Belo Horizonte in recent days surprising the exchange bureaus of Belo Horizonte. On the last weekend, the movement increased 300% compared to average days. On Monday, many foreigners, most of them Algerians and Colombian, were standing on queues in these establishments.  For while, the expectation is for an even bigger demand on Friday, since many "hermanos" argentines will be landing the capital to watch closer their squad against Iran, at Mineirão Stadium. In Despachatur, unit of Shopping Cidade Mall, Central of Belo Horizonte, the movement for currency trading is constant, as the manager of exchange, Marco Antônio Alves said.  "It's like this all day, but the true crowd usually occurs within 48 hours before the match squad of foreigners. To date, Saturday and Monday were until now our highlights "he says. He estimates that in these two days the demand has grown 300% compared to others. "This is an unusual situation.", he emphasizes. "Despite the queues on Monday, it was all arranged", he says. According to him, the demand was higher from Colombians and Algerians. "We also have received Iranians and Argentines. Incidentally, we expect more people on  Friday with the arrival of many Argentines in town.", he says.  The marketing manager of Shopping Cidade Mall, Carolina Vaz, confirms that the shopping center has received many tourists this Monday, highlighting the Algerians. The exchange manager of Pichionni's Bureau, Jair Reis, says that the movement is higher than expected. "We thought an increased around 60%, but the demand has been greater, about 200% above normal.", he says.  He points out that the eight units in Belo Horizonte, much in malls, had queues on Monday. "Despite the high demand, there was no lack of money. Our replacement is ready.". Another exchange bureau that had an increase in demand was Fitta, Unit Funcionários, South Central of Belo Horizonte. "The flow is so much that we are not having time for anything," says the director of the establishment, Suzana Dias. She explains that the expansion in demand began last Friday, a day after the World Cup opening. "On Monday, the queue was down the street," she said. With the intense demand, we´ve got to work harder. Normally, during the week, the house goes to 9:30am until 5:30pm. On Monday, we went until 7:30pm. Facilities to know. Foreigners, even those who are not account holders, can withdraw cash in Real (R$) from ATMs in Bank Santander, using Visa (Electron and Plus networks) and MasterCard (Maestro and Cirrus networks) flags. Several agencies are meeting.   Translated by Henrique Bastos

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