Mineirão is prased by foreigners :"Splendid, awesome, fantastic"

Foreigners have heaped praise on the Pampulha's Giant after Algeria and Belgium duel on this Tuesday

iG Minas Gerais | Guilherme Guimarães |

Heavy criticisms were made when it was reopened. In early 2013, many people complained about lacking water at the bars. One year and four months later, the Giant managed to bounce back. One of the venues of the 2014 World Cup, the largest football stadium of Minas Gerais - and one of the most traditional of the country - received praise from supporters who attended, on this Tuesday (17), the victory of Belgium 2-1 on Algeria. Before, during, and after the match, valid for Group H, Algerians and Belgians supporters highlighted the beauty of Mineirão Stadium, and emphasized some operational facilities, mentioned by tourists. "What a magnificent place, splendid! Mineirão is a great stadium. I was in the last World Cup and I can tell, there is no such beautiful arena in South Africa. In fact, I believe even in Algeria there is not a better place to watch sports." said Baha Algerian Salim, 36. The Belgian Yves Collette, aged 27, also compared the Pampulha's Giant with the big stage of the World Grand Final, Maracanã. " It's cool inside, great from the stands, and incredibly wonderful being seen from the outside. " To Mahu Lebrun, 38, another Belgian, the stadium offered all the best for the visitors. "Mineirão is fantastic! Easy to get in and out, many restrooms and nice cafeterias...I haven't had any problems. I think it's an amazing stadium." he said. The next game at Mineirão Stadium is Argentina vs. Iran, on this Saturday (21), at 1 p.m. Translated by Henrique Bastos

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