Belgians ignore Pampulha's lagoon pollution and praise the spot

One of the main touristic spots of Belo Horizonte has weird green goo on its surround but, in general, the foreign tourists are appreciating the sight around Mineirão

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The euphoria caused by the World Cup is capable of making tourists leave behind the bad things and exult Brazil's bright side. Before the Belgium vs Algeria match, an European couple was taking pictures having Pampulha lagoon as landscape.

Charmed with the competition's atmosphere and with the fact of being in Brazil for the first time, Nancy Sterk, 45, and Stefan Peeters, 40, didn't even care about the gooey aspect of the lagoon's water. The place is one of Belo Horizonte's main touristic spots.

"We are thinking everything here in Belo Horizonte is beautiful. The lagoon is beautiful, really nice to see, people are kind and we are loving the experience of knowing a bit of Brazil", commented Nancy, who has been on Brazilian grounds for a week.

Both of them trust the Belgian players' performance and know the team right at their fingertips. Never has a squad been so hyped and drew so much attention. "We have great players and expectations are huge", said Stefan.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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