Missionaries take the World Cup chance to talk about God in Brazil

Baptist missionaries will work during World Cup's 30 days at every Brazilian stadium of the championship, passing through Jesus' lessons

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The touching goal shout, the ace's stroke that causes gasps at the bleachers, supporters celebrating a victory, crying for a defeat or thanking God for the opportunity of participating in the biggest football event of the planet - the World Cup. Surrounded by this involving atmosphere, full with euphoria and anxiety for the world championship held in Brazil, religious missionaries take the chance to spread their ideologies and dogmas around the stadiums.

Throughout Brazil, mainly in Belo Horizonte, faith volunteers donate their time to offer some of God's words to the supporters. Just around Mineirão stadium, set for the duel between Belgium and Algeria this Tuesday (17), playing for Group H of the Cup, two different religious groups have been seen by our reporting team: baptists and Jehovah's Witnesses.

With approximately 300 sharing the work at the matches held at Pampulha's Giant, the group who named themselves "Baptist Missionaries" spread the work they call "Trans Cup" - name originated from the union of the words "transformation" and "World Cup".

"We offer the supporters a moment of thought, of faith. A message from God, a peace message", told of the members of the group "Jesus Transforms". According to the members of this congregation, more than five thousand churches all over Brazil are doing the same voluntary work. People stay at the stadiums' surroundings and hand in flyers with religious messages to the supporters.

Jehovah's Witnesses

With a small totem full of brochures and books, the couple Esfefa Raposo, 28, and Tito Raposo, 32, improvised in English to talk, specially, with the Algerians. Among the publicity materials used by the volunteers, many of them had arabic vocabulary.

"We improvise in English. We are here to transmit a message of values, of the importance of family. Nowadays, the world has gotten so weird that what we consider essential is getting far behind. We musntn't lose that, we must retake our values and the importance of the family", declared Esfefa.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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