Ship with 3.500 Mexican supporters arrive at Fortaleza

Throughout the city's streets, avenues and beaches one may see the tricolour jersey; Mexico faces Brazil this Tuesday, 4 p.m., in Castelão stadium

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Fortaleza (CE). Fortaleza has been suffering a Mexican flood. This Monday (16) morning, a ship with 3.500 supporters came ashore at Mucuripe's port. They were coming from Natal, where Mexico has faced Cameroon on Group A first round.

Expectations are that, during the World Cup period, 40 thousand Mexicans will be coming to Brazil. The Tourism Secretary of Ceará estimates that the capital alone will receive around 17 thousand supporters between the 16th and the 18th of this month.

On streets, avenues and beaches of the city, all one sees is the red-white-and-green jersey. Around Castelão stadium there are also lots of Mexicans paying a first visit to the place where the match is going to be held.

In 2013, they have also been to the city for the Confederations Cup. On the field, however, it all went bad for them - Brazil beat the Mexican squad 2 to 0, with goals by Neymar and Jô.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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