With a brilliant performance, Germany goes all in over Portugal

Attacking midfielder scored three goals and caused Pepe's dismissal; he is the highest scorer of the Cup and has already hit eight goals in world championships

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Müller foi o grande nome da partida em Salvador, enquanto Cristiano Ronaldo passou em branco
Müller foi o grande nome da partida em Salvador, enquanto Cristiano Ronaldo passou em branco
Salvador (BA). Nullify Cristiano Ronaldo and you shall overcome Portugal. The lesson, imagined by most supporters, has been well executed by Germany this Monday (16) at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador. Victory 4-0 has been shaped with the fundamental help from fellow players of world number 1, besides master performance by young Thomas Müller. The Portuguese "support" for the German triumph had at its core the pair of fullbacks, with great distinction to Pepe and his well known bad temper. Dismissed at 35 minutes of the beginning of the game, Real Madrid defender left his team even more in German hands. And they have gladly exhibited their football on Salvador grounds.    Even though Müller is only 24, he starts the Cup as Germany's main name, after having been revealed as new star and as main striker of last world championship, in South Africa. The ace has already scored eight goals in World Cups.    The next duel Germany will have to face is going to be against Ghana, next Saturday (21) at Castelão stadium. The following day (22), Portugal will try to recover by playing against the United States at Arena Amazônia.    THE MATCH   Portuguese procession started at minute 10. Götze has invaded the Portuguese area, fought for the ball on a 1-1 stroke with João Pereira and fell to the ground. The referee whistled and signaled the penalty. Müller took the ball and, on a fine free kick, opened the scoring at Arena Fonte Nova.    Germany already dominated the actions on the match, while Portugal had Nani as their main escape valve. Cristiano Ronaldo was only seen in punctual moves and was well blocked by Boateng and Hummels. The second goal didn't take long and came from up high. Hummels won the ball over Pepe and Bruno Alves and changed the scorer once again.    One of the capital moments of the match came right after that. Pepe showed his explosive temper and, after leaving his hand on Müller's face and seeing the opponent down to the ground, inclined the body towards the field and gave the German forward a light headbutt. Immediate and well deserved dismissal.    From that point on, Germany has kept their ball pass football and ball domination and the dance went further. On the first half, there was still time for Müller to score his second at the match, benefiting from a new flaw from Bruno Alves.    On the second half, Portugal kept running for the ball among the German ring. Under "olé" shouts coming from the Germans and "sou brasileiro com muito orgulho e muito amor" (“I am Brazilian, proudly, with love") from the Yellow Cannaries supporters, Müller showed sense of opportunity inside the goal area and scored his third at the match - fourth Nationalelf's, after Schürrle's cross and Rui Patrício's mistake.    Arena Fonte Nova closes one more match with a rout - after its opening with Holland 5 to Spain 1 duel.    Translated by Raquel Sodré

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