Lucky Spanish "foresees" disaster to Holland and gets US$ 133 thousand

More than 70 thousand people participated on a gas station's net special offer, but only one lucky guy from Valencia risked a Dutch rout

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Implacable Dutch rout over Spain last week has surprised the world. Current world champion, the Fury has been defeated 5 to 1 at Arena Fonte Nova, in Salvador - for one Spanish supporter's happiness. Despite being a supporter for Vicente del Bosque's squad, Jacobo Ríos-Capapé, aged 56, guessed the result of the game and took home more than 100 thousand euros, equivalent to more or less US$ 133 thousand. Citizen of Valencia, Jacobo was one of the 70 thousand participants in the bet promoted by a net of gas stations and the only one to foresee the tragedy. The prize has been a big comfort, since he was supporting the Spanish team. "Of course I wished Spain to have won, but I thought that if Holland would win, it would be by a great result. That was why I bet on 5-1", explained Jacobo Ríos-Canapé on an interview to Marca newspaper, which has taken the story to the public. The fifth goal, scored by Robben, however, wasn't celebrated by Jacobo. He was in doubt on which result he had chosen - whether he had bet 5-1 or 4-1. "During the match, I couldn't quite remember which score I had chosen. Therefore, I thought I had lost when the last goal was scored. But, fortunately, it was on the contrary", he celebrates. Now, with money in his pockets, Jacobo intends to redeem himself. So, he has repeated the score to next Spanish game. But, this time, he chose 5-1 for the Fury over Chile. Both squads duel this Wednesday at Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, at 4 p.m. "It's going to be my personal revenge for the defeat to Holland. I am going to fuel up again and I'm betting on Spain 5-1", said the not-so-sad Spanish man.    Translated by Raquel Sodré

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