German coach waits to see Klose as the biggest scorer of all Cups

Despite from supporting the forward, Joachim Low doesn't confirm Miroslav as start lineup player and says that tournament title is the priority

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Miroslav Klose está um atrás da marca de Ronaldo Fenômeno em Mundiais
Miroslav Klose está um atrás da marca de Ronaldo Fenômeno em Mundiais

Salvador (BA). Brazilian and former forward Ronald, one of Brazil's fifth world title, is the biggest scorer of all World Cups. But this individual title is being threatened by German Miroslav Klose, who has great chances of overcoming the "Fenomenal" in the history of the championship. The German centre-forward has shaken the nets 14 times and counts on his coach's support to achieve the deed.

"I think it is going to be very important for him (Klose). It would be incredible for a player from our country to get to this mark of goals in Cups", commented the German coach, Joachim Low.

Obviously, Klose's mission will be "easier" if he gets to be start lineup of German squad during the Cup. However, the team commander has declared he won't draw the forward exclusively because of the dispute with Ronaldo, but for his technical quality.

"Playing either as start lineup or as replacement, he (Klose) is important for the team. He is a role model for the team, in and outside the field. He works diligently. This player is vital for Germany in this championship", highlighted the coach, who reminded that also Shürrle and Podolski are in this dispute for a vacancy at the team's attack.

With or without Klose's artillery, Joachim Low expects a good performance of the center-forward in this Cup. "As a coach, I see statistics as something secondary. Of course I would be glad for him (Klose), who's been in some World Cups already. But the team is the one that needs more to be successful", the coach has strengthened.


15 goals

Ronaldo (Brazil)

14 goals

Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Gerd Müller (Germany)

13 goals

Just Fontaine (France)

12 goals

Pelé (Brazil)

11 goals

Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany)

Sándor Kocsis (Hungary)

10 goals

Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina)

Gary Lineker (England)

Helmut Rahn (Germany)

Teófilo Cubillas (Peru)

Grzegorz Lato (Polony)

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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