Olé asserts that Brazil's victory at opening match was due to cheating

Argentinian publication has highlighted that the Brazilian squad has received a “gift” by the referee, in reference of the penalty suffered by Fred

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O diário esportivo argentino Olé chamou a partida de
O diário esportivo argentino Olé chamou a partida de "Febre Amarela"

Rivalry between Brazil and Argentina gets even stronger contours during a World Cup. The always polemical Diario Olé hasn't spared the controversial penalty suffered by Fred, that ended up resulting in Neymar's second goal at the match, and said, right at the article's title, that Brazil has started the Cup cheating. The penalty has also been called a "gift" of the japanese referee to the hosts.

At the beginning of the text, the Argentinian journalists have used words such as "shame" to describe Brazil's premiere at the World Cup. The outrage has been such that the following phrase has been used: "si van a seguir aí con esta ayuda, mejor avisen" ("if they are continuing with such a help, better let us know"), insinuating that Brazil might go on being helped by the referees for being the host.

The Argentinians have also asserted that Neymar didn't have a good performance, even with both goals scored. According to the "hermanos", the forward should have been expelled for elbowing in the first phase of the competition - when he was punished with a yellow card.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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