Having paid his "debt", Oscar wins his place with a special game

Questioned before the Cup, player has counted on couch Scolari's full confidence to show that he's got the means to lead Brazil on the field

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Oscar foi o nome do jogo na vitória brasileira sobre a Croácia
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Oscar foi o nome do jogo na vitória brasileira sobre a Croácia

San Paolo (SP) - He is not Brazilian squad N10, but this Thursday (13), against Croatia, we may say Oscar has been really close to sharing the position - or the function - with Neymar, current owner of the mystical number of the Yellow Canaries. Criticized during the team's preparation for the World Cup, the player was a big question point for the press. William's draw was even considered by critics. In Felipão's mind, however, there has never been space for questioning the player's quality.

"For me, it was not a question. The scout shows that Oscar was the one who most won balls, the one who has most created strokes on the right wing. He is this player we all know. Oscar needed me to keep on believing in him. Besides Neymar (best player on the field), if there was a second prize it would have to be awarded to Oscar", declared the coach.

"Oscar is a pure, nice boy every father would like to have. He doesn't hold anger or grief, it looks like he doesn't even talk. He didn't mean to shush anyone with this performance", he completed.

One of the player's "debts" was reminded by the coach, who celebrated its payment. "Before the match, I told him 'you owe me a goal'. As soon as the match was over, he came to me and said 'it's a paid debt now'", the coach concluded.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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