Opening ceremony homaged nature and Brazilian people

Event didn't waste the chance to also reverence football, responsible for uniting thousands of people from various nations in one place

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The Cup's opening ceremony has enchanted the public who little by little arrived at Itaquerão stadium. The presentation, which has cost R$ 18 million (approx. US$ 8 million), has paid a tribute to the most appreciated treasures of the country: its nature, the people and football.

The central sphere, made with led lights and which showed different colours and images, dictated the show and welcomed the public in 32 languages. All the characters circled the ball with choreographic movements.

Nature has been represented by "araucárias" (typical Brazilian pine trees), brackens, fuchsia flowers, waterlilies, the water and the rivers. Brazilian people's mixture was represented by symbolic elements, such as "reco-reco", "afoxé" and "berimbau" (all typical musical instruments). The dances, like "samba de roda" and "frevo" were also represented. "Gaúchos" (people from Rio Grande do Sul", "baianos" (people from Bahia) and "capoeiristas" (capoeira players) also composed the team.

National passion, football was represented by 64 children and 40 ball-man who made acrobacies. All of them were directed by referee children.

When national flag got in the stadium, the public raved. It was the first glimpse to the national symbol. As soon as the flag found the central ball, it opened up just like a flower and brought, at first, Brazilian singer interpreting Aquarela do Brasil. Right after that, the Brazilian singer was joined by Jennifer Lopes and rapper Pitbull, who burst onto the stage to interpret "We Are One", official World Cup song.

After the ceremony closing, stadium presenter asked for applause to all the workers who have helped making the World Cup. The ceremony ended up in booing for Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.

Translated by Raquel Sodré

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